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To find him and give him half, would make me feel better. It was the summer of my sophomore year of college—the forth of July I believe.Yeah, it was: I remember fireworks and how they lit up her eyes.I carefully transferred the bulbs to their new earthy home while simultaneously watching you to make sure that your wobbly legs didn’t lead you astray. I secured the bulbs and patted down a layer of fresh, wet soil.

Suddenly she’s there, running up to Mathew in a bathing suit with a yellow shawl trailing behind her.I’ll turn off the television for him and quietly return to you. I remember how the fog covered the unpaved road home through the woods. I was in a hurry because Clara’s curfew was , and we were pushing it.After all, I didn’t want to argue in frona her again, as her mom was pickin’ her up.The freesias seemed like a nice starter plant for our new home.They reminded me of watercolors and were easy enough to maintain. Instead, you were observing the enormous world that engulfed you.

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That’s the last time I’d seen her before I blacked out. This photo, I always look at it with the grief and sadness I felt since that day, where my everything was taken from me. Jack is in the other room, and I’m afraid I’ve made him angry because he acts like the whole thing is a joke.

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