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How much it costs Wednesday 12/21/16 1 out of 6 people say the all-time greatest Christmas present would be a…

Blow your Nose Friday 08/12/16 Almost 10% of women say they do this before they weigh themselves.

Thursday 08/11/16 According to women, at what age should women stop wearing skinny jeans?

32 Tuesday 08/16/16 Even though they know it’s wrong, Almost 5% of people say they try to do this every time they’re in a hotel room…

Repairing the Car Tuesday 11/15/16 ‘8% of men say the smell of this makes them happy.

Vacation Tuesday 12/20/16 According to this survey, the happiest couples do this.

A pic of his dog Tuesdays 10/11/16 According to a survey, women are most likely to daydream about _______ while in the shower…

” Tuesday 08/09/16 More than 60% of women have done this before their wedding?10/27/16 72% of people have this tucked away in storage.The upcoming election Tuesday 10/25/16 2% of people have done this while driving.06/15/16 25% of men say this is the worst fashion faux pas a woman can make.Laundry Friday 11/11/16 For the average child between 2-5 years old, this only lasts 37 seconds…

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  1. Also don't miss our Essential Politics page in Sunday's California section. Jerry Brown on Sunday signed a law updating the state’s Dating Service Contract Act to encompass online dating services like and Eharmony, an effort to ensure consumers can opt out of services.