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The cyclotron in Pupin Hall’s basement was built by Dr. Dunning, an associate professor of physics, and Dr. In January 1939, Columbia’s cyclotron made history.

Physicists in the United States had just received word that German scientists Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann had bombarded uranium atoms with neutrons and observed that the uranium seemed to split into atoms of smaller elements.

The entire measurement can be completed in one working day.

The Columbia ATTA device allows the xenon used in XENON1T to be assayed for krypton contamination quickly and accurately, thus ensuring that krypton levels are safe before beginning a dark matter run, and during the run itself.

An atom trapping device has has been developed by the group at Columbia University to do exactly that (see E. The device is calibrated carefully in order to find the trapping efficiency, i.e.

the fraction of krypton atoms that get trapped and counted successfully.

The decay of 85-Kr releases an electron which can then scatter in the xenon detector.

These electronic recoil events can potentially obscure even rarer signals from interactions with dark matter.

The Krypton Problem One of the many advantages of using xenon as a dark matter target is that xenon has no naturally occurring long-lived radioactive isotopes.However, when xenon is distilled from air, about 1 krypton atom per billion xenon atoms is also gathered.A very small fraction of these krypton atoms, only one in one hundred billion, are the radioactive isotope 85-Kr.During the Manhattan Project, a gaseous diffusion plant known as K-25 was built and operated at Oak Ridge, Tennessee.Until recent years, gaseous diffusion was the primary method used to obtain uranium-235.

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