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The size distribution and density of the particles control the overall effect, which may range from mild opalization to opaque white. This sea glass is, when you find it, a true treasure.Some glasses are somewhat more blue from the side, and somewhat red-orange in pass-through light. bone ash, or tin dioxide and arsenic and antimony compounds. From old marbles used as ballast on sailing ships to frosted glass bottle stoppers this category is limited only to products not made of glass.Decorative glass like stained glass and house wares could also be a source.

Heineken bottles, Rolling Rock, and lots of red wines come in green bottles still today.You can usually determine how old your white glass is by the thickness and any markings or bubbles.Many angular shapes of sea glass are white pieces (maybe because it was once window glass from a storm wrecked cottage or auto glass from off shore dumping and reef formation.)These colors are not in wide use today so there is no new source for them. Before the 1960's plastic was not widely commercially used.Depression glass was widely used in house ware items (pictured to the right).Green depression glass (vaseline glass) and the rarer yellow depression glass are all great sea glass finds.

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