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Hailed as the top matchmaker in the Country by EBONY MAGAZINE, Kiki Strickland, CRCS, is a professional matchmaker, certified dating coach, speed dating consultant and flirt-ologist who is passionate about helping smart, successful singles find love.

If you’re one of those guys who just like to set women off and watch them tumble, just try taking Michelle to the Strip Club, she’ll definitely love you for it – maybe.Seriously – just stop talking and take it Michelle.When you first start dating Michelle, you’ll only have that cheap Russian junket store to deal with for clothing, so you’ll pretty much be set to impress her.Showing up in Roman’s Cab will probably get you the stink eye and a sarcastic remark that’ll make you want to just stop the car, pull her out of it, slap her around with a bat for awhile and then pop her in the kneecap (We don’t condone beating women, but we understand there are exceptions).When it comes down to not throwing her under the Taxi beside you, you’ll find that Alexandra enjoys taking part in any venue activity and any show.

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