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I’ve only see a few in my travels and the saw was part of a collection we split in the spring, including a few unusual Disston made hardware store saws.

I’ve posted a few pics on my Instagram account: Second Chance Saw works.

Will and I took the back roads and hit a few tool places, the biggest being Liberty Tool Co.

Liberty’s been on my bucket list and although I didn’t buy anything it was well worth a stop in the one horse town of Liberty. They have 3 locations, so we also stopped by Captain Tinkham’s Emporium .

The rest of the trip was uneventful and tool-less which is how I like it when making long trips.

I did end up getting a rather nice scythe as a parting gift from Will which I look forward to learning to sharpen and using at my house. Hopefully make it over to the Disston plant in the next few days with some updated pics.

With the new saw in hand, test cuts were needed and fun was had.

As someone who enjoys utilitarian designs, shore or camps maximize space very well.

The store is what you’d expect in a used tool shop, piles of tools including barrels of worksaws and shelves of books as far as the eye can see! By now we needed to make time so we could get to the camp and meet up with the family, who left 5 hours after us and finished the 3 hour trip before us.

My only excuse is we needed to stop for beer and wine.

With all that was going on the week before this trip, I had considered forgoing traveling 500 miles with a 17’ fiberglass kayak on the roof. Not 20 minutes after pulling in, I was pushing off into the water for a quick trip across the bay to Seagull Island. We had one night of rain but otherwise low wind and calm conditions.

It was a long weekend but not nearly enough time to really enjoy all the views and the area in general.

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Although we didn’t do any tool hunting once at the camp, Will ‘s mom is also a collector of many vintage things including tools, filling the house with many items to look at.

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