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I feel like I am dismissed as a bit of an outcast as people seem to think that because I dont drink or go out partying that I am some kind of weird boring freak. I work in a normal job and earn a decent wage and I would describe myself as a total adrenalin junkie.Basically what Im trying to say is besides the diabetes and diet, I am just like every other man in their early 20's so would it still put you off dating me for having diabetes? Thanks, Mike x So, OP, you are trying to get a sense of how many ladies would consider dating a man with your particular health issues.What I'm trying to understand is, do girls look at my profile for my pictures or do they genuinely like what I have read.I would also like to know how many of you would date a diabetic such as myself.Did you expect one lady here to poll all of the other ladies and then post the results of that poll, or are you just another mentally deficient individual from the UK with no freaking clue?I'm happy to have wasted one reply to your stupid post!I stopped dating him because he didn't care about himself.My step-daughter is a diabetic also and was diagnosed when she was 14. She's doing very well healthwise, but she does take care of herself and doesn't ignore any symptoms of problems. Having grown up with half of my family having diabetes, it is something that is almost a normal part of life for me, so I wouldnt be put off by it.

I know some diabetics that would probably kick your bum in your never ending "hiking" experinces Literate.

You do come across as rather narcistic - as evinced by the pictures taken by yourself topless in the bathroom mirror. I'd date a diabetic, I wouldn't date a diabetic who wouldn't shut up about being one tho. OP it's true, it might be the angle you took the pics, or you might have fairground mirrors at your place, whatever it is those half naked pics do nothing for you AT all!

Seriously, do you think women are going to be impressed by your masculinity and maturity by these? To reply to the question no it wouldn't stop me from dating someone, dating is the time taken to get to know each other and whether each person can adjust to the other.

With all polls, the larger the sample group, the more accurate the poll.

With your wisdom, you elect to post this poll request on a thread that will be limited to 21 responses.

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