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If client-side validation is available, you have greater control over the layout of error messages and can display an error summary in a message box. In addition, re-testing on the server helps prevent users from being able to bypass validation by disabling or changing the client script check.You can invoke validation in your own code by calling a validation control's Each validation control typically performs one test.If the user is working with a browser that supports ECMAScript (Java Script), the validation controls can also perform validation using client script.This can improve response time in the page because errors are detected immediately and error messages are displayed as soon as the user leaves the control containing the error. NET performs validation on the server even if the validation controls have already performed it on the client, so that you can test for validity within your server-based event handlers.

To perform this type of test—a logical Validation controls are not normally visible in the rendered page.For example, you would test the state of the validation controls before updating a data record with information entered by the user.If you detect an invalid state, you bypass the update.Validation controls can be used with any both HTML and Web server controls.You enable validation of user input by adding validation controls to your page as you would add other server controls.

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In some instances, entries in several different formats might be valid.

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