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The Edge's almost-original Vox AC30/6 from 1964, housed in a '70s cabinet on stage.It is known that it is the 'brilliant' model (or top boost) and it was Edge's earliest amp used to record every U2 album Since the higher output AC30/4 shared its preamplifier design with the lower powered AC15, Vox discovered the high-gain EF86 tube was susceptible to microphonics, or even failure, when exposed to the increased vibration present in this uprated amp.

This first generation of AC30s were housed in "TV-front" cabinets, much like the early to mid-50s tweed Fender amps, and had a single 12-inch Goodmans 60-watt speaker, as opposed to the later, conventional twin 12-inch speaker configuration.In spite of at least one AC30 production run titled "Limited Edition" of 100 units with starting serial number 0100 (1991) (no reverb), production of the AC30 has practically never ceased: Newer AC30s are reissues of the various top boost AC30/6 (AC30TB) models.AC30s made between 19 also had spring reverb as a standard feature.Vox AC30/6 amplifiers from around 1963 had already implemented the top boost, and therefore had three tone controls.People began to refer to these amplifiers as AC30TBs.

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Vox initially offered a 1×12" version but subsequently introduced the 2×12" AC30 Twin, which solved the volume problem at larger venues.

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