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Good news was, the valet guys at Lamar Tower witnessed Ken's arrival. For the first time in history, rigid metal stadium seats became very comfortable! The conversations between the two continued and the Nuclear Cowboys did their thing.

They would know if she didn't return...valet guys know just about everything! Another thing, they both never stalled in walking from the parking lot to the stadium. Don't ask them what that was, they were too busy catching up on the 40 plus years of their life apart from one another.

Both were living in the same zip code, had been watching the same movie only one hour before meeting and both were members of a local matchmaking service, Great Expectations.

Even though you are able to view prospects online, Great Expectations provides opportunities to meet at social functions as well.

As luck would have it, she was "on the ground" and enjoying the day off at home (staying warm). Ken arrived at this casual event early (military training) and Stephanie arrived about 45 minutes late (airline training), which was perfect for us. You kind of shake your head and say, "What just happened?

The "matchmakers" at Great Expectations take their jobs very seriously. " It didn't take long to realize that what just happened was quite natural.

Please complete the following form and a Member Advisor will contact you shortly to discuss the wonderful ways the Great Expectations' approach to dating services can help you improve your social life.

All they remember talking about....well, they don't really remember much of the conversation. As luck would have it, Ken had tickets to an event at the Reliant Stadium.

Call Great Expectations today to find your ideal partner!

We welcome you to the Great Expectations community and look forward to getting to know you better!

With the tools and resources at hand, our goal is to match people that are compatible on all levels, meeting all your expectations. Everyone has busy lives, and taking time to find someone special can be stressful.

Call Great Expectations today to find your ideal partner! Great Expectations is a dating service located in Portland, Oregon, available to singles in the surrounding area. Our dating specialists can help you find the right match.

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