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Having our daughter together was really the balancing factor when everything was kind of coming to a close,” she says.

“It was easy to focus on her and worry about how she felt and making it normal for her; it allowed us not to get too caught up in our own s—.” As amicable as they are today, the split did inspire some breakup tunes on the new record.

“I had a lot to write about: an 11-year relationship coming to a close …Highlights include "Sensational Gravity Boy" from the Robert Pollard-fronted Freedom Cruise; Built to Spill Caustic Resin's sterling "Still Flat" (even though it appears in a bolder, fleshier form on their eponymous EP); Lisa Germano's fragile, fractured acoustic ditty; the shambolic grandeur of "Some Fantasy" from the criminally ignored Verlaines; a subtle song from the Sea and Cake; East River Pipe's poetic, sad "Miracleland"; a bubbly, droll version of "Hopeless" from Future Bible Heroes; and the indie Television-lite stylings of Flying Nuns.The collection would probably be better off without Folk Implosion's tired New Order homage, Noise Addict's amateur sounds, Babe the Blue Ox's empty, histrionic stab at the blues, a weak track from the usually powerful Grifters, and the bland minimalist plodding that Gastr del Sol submitted.The response to the album has been overwhelmingly positive. We kicked the demos out, listened to them, played them live, and it allowed us to figure out who we were over that span of time.There was no concept, no broader image of what the band was supposed to be.

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