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If their wedding is as triumphant as Thursday’s brilliantly orchestrated public relations rollout of their engagement announcement—an obviously authorized gossip item in the New York Post’s “Page Six” column, followed at 9 a.m.

sharp, just as their MSNBC show Morning Joe went off the air, by Vanity Fair’s on the record interview with the happy duo (along with a tender photo of them, showing off Mika’s substantial diamond)—they will have a long and loving marriage.

Things are heating up for Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski!

The MSNBC staples are reportedly on vacation together this weekend, and a network insider gave one cryptic detail to Page Six: "It is not a business trip."Another source added, "It's unusual for them to take time off at the same time. It's also a busy news time, as Trump reaches 100 days."Joe was active on Twitter through Friday morning, suggesting that they may not be unwinding just yet.

, Joe and Mika finally addressed their onscreen chemistry."We have a crackling on-air chemistry, and a crackling off-air chemistry, too," Scarborough teased, to which Brzezinski replied, "That's good." Scarborough then added, "I think that pretty much says it, doesn't it?

As for sitting down with Vanity Fair in such a public fashion to announce their engagement, the couple attributes the choice to the six children they have between them."We know that our kids have a lot of options about what they read about us. To answer the question is just as important for them as it is for us, to say it once that we’re together and we want to be together forever," the pair expressed. However, they’ve already ruled out one offer from a high-profile frenemy.

During a January visit to the White House, Scarborough and Brzezinski had dinner with President Trump, Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner.

Not only did everybody win (with the possible exception of Alec Baldwin), the outcome suggested that Joe & Mika have a virtuosic mastery of the power grid—and know precisely which buttons to push.

In retrospect, the public positioning of their private ardor looks like a textbook illustration of PR expertise.

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Later on in the program, Scarborough blushed when Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker of Tennessee gushed: “Congratulations, by the way.

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