Liquidating a small corporation wwwdatingchile

If you owe the government any taxes, it will have claims to your liquidated assets.

Likewise, if you owe your employees wages, they have a claim to the assets.

An exit strategy is how you plan on selling your investment in your business.

Other exit strategies you might consider before liquidation are mergers, acquisitions, and Initial Public Offerings.

Provide warranties and records with any equipment you plan on selling.

Your lawyer and accountant can help recommend how to sell your assets, and they will help you through the process.Make sure you have an accurate count of your inventory.Then, you want to make the items look appealing so that you can sell them.It is unlikely that there will be shareholders involved in a small business.However, if there are shareholders, they are also entitled to the last bit of liquidated assets.

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Make sure to deduct costs of the sale when figuring out your net sale income.

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