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It might be best described as what the actor Max Jenkins called “gay nervous laughter.” “It’s part of my experience of being a gay man in the midst of searching for validation,” Jenkins told me.“Heléne’s character feeds that gay laughter because he wants to be validated by her, and then he meets someone who calms that gay laughter.” He adds, “I call it gay, but I think it’s really just the human experience of searching for validation in your career and in your personal relationships.With the premiere episode of HBO’s High Maintenance, “Meth(od),” you get the sense that three years have gone by, and these two have simply stagnated into each other.

“Meth(od)” also acts as a cautionary tale — a parable for young, insecure gay men who don’t know how to fit in the world.High Maintenance’s Max and Lainey are a familiar pair of misanthropes: a gay male and straight female duo where each encourages the other’s rottenness in a game of one-upmanship.Who can be the most incisive, the most vicious, the most wickedly selfish?He’s an embodiment of a television trope: the helpful gay man.There was a literal show built on the concept of the helpful gay man — Queer Eye for the Straight Guy — but he exists in a plethora of TV shows from The Real Housewives of Atlanta to, most significantly, Sex and the City.

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