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He touts its 128K bytes of RAM and its three-and-a-half inch disk drive that he states will be the "disk of the '80s." He also emphasizes the Macintosh's incredible black and white screen and built-in voice sound.In October of 1983, Steve Jobs invited Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and two other software CEOs to an Apple Event.Four people then walk out on the D5 stage--Gates, Jobs and Wall Street Journal columnists Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg.Jobs is wearing his trademark black mock turtleneck, jeans and tennis shoes.Steve Jobs narrates Apple's first Think different commercial that begins, "Here's to the Crazy Ones". Instead, actor Richard Dreyfuss did the voice-over for the final version, leaving the Jobs version largely unseen. The stories include the benefits that came from dropping out of Reed College, why he got fired from Apple at age 30, and his experience with facing death after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

CARLSBAD, Calif.--Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage at the D5 conference Wednesday night for a rare joint appearance.I'm in an overflow room with a half-dozen other reporters, many of whom flew to San Diego to watch the main event on TV from a room several hundred yards from the ballroom.The keynote kicked off with a 1983 video of a young Jobs hosting the "Macintosh software dating game" with three software CEOs--Gates, Mitch Kapor of Lotus and Fred Gibbons.You can play as any one of a variety of characters in either the solo-player scenario or head to head with another person over a...3D Brick Bash 2.0 is the PPC color version of 3D Brick Bash which was released 7 years before.

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In a small apartment, Jack Ma delivers his vision and plan for Alibaba to his friends.

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