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I lost an engine on take off at the point of no return, flying from the 493rd BG field at Debach, and that was the longest, hardest circuit of my life.Climbing to avoid a wood, and forced to turn towards the dead engine focussed the mind somewhat!Steve Sorry, I don't have a trailer for it at present.I sold the old trailer to get a flat bed for my Jeep. Steve I do not believe it was caught on the Film crews cameras as they were taking off to do a scene, but it was caught on tape by a few people.

All the film crash sequences were 1/6 scale R/C models. The flyer weathercocked into the wind and taxied into the burning model. The other flyable model was severely damaged in the one wheel landing scene.

If anyone can help me with the photos please contact me either by pm or email me off this website. Ollie, somewhere in your website it states that no-one was hurt in the crash, I am afraid that is not correct.

Just about everybody recived some kind of injury and there were two people who received quite nasty injuries which meant a spell in Grimsby hospital.

I may add it somehow to my new website or another one i am working on.

I will let people know when it is back online and where.

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