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—AN, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma The straight man’s perspective: Chris Kennedy First off, congrats on beating the cancer!

I’m happy to hear you’re in remission and out dating again.

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May your new cancer-free life be enjoyable, long, and full of love.

The straight woman’s perspective: Rebecca Brown Congrats, AN, on being in remission, and also for braving the dating world and getting back out there.

From cavemen to the Internet, from an uptight, upright dating service to one that knows no bounds, Collective Dating is a wild ride of fun.

When do you guys think it’s appropriate to mention this to someone?

You ask a good question, but I caution you not to worry about it too much. I’ve just gotten over a battle with cancer and am incapable of having children. ” It usually takes some substantial progress in the dating timeline to get to the stage where you seriously discuss marriage and children and such.

There’s usually plenty of time during the natural dating process where the subject of your predicament can come up without feeling forced. And don’t worry if a guy says he wants to have his own children and doesn’t think he’d ever adopt—he may change his mind if he feels you’re the incredible woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. The point is, you can’t really know and it doesn’t make sense to pull all this heavy stuff out early on.

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