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More accurate subtitles would be, "Why Stereotypical Ideas of Gender are Ruining Your Love Life" or "Why Feminism is NOT Ruining Your Love Life," or even "Why Being Marginalized is Cool."The book has extensive citations, but it has no bibliography or index.

Mukhopadhyay says that society's expectation that conventional relationships lead to happiness puts pressure on women to be in conventional relationships, when sometimes conventional relationships don't lead to happiness.

And there are lots of women who don't automatically "put out" because the man bought dinner.

Mukhopadhyay writes six pages on "Sex and the City" and not a word for De Angelis?

Mukhopadhyay has an implicit, perhaps explicit, assumption that only liberals can be feminists. While many conservatives follow religious beliefs of male privilege, conservative feminists exist, and they should be acknowledged at least in passing.

A lot of 18-22 year olds are still in school or just establishing themselves; many persons over 60 or so are unmarried not by choice, but because their partner died.

Narrowing the age range would provide a better picture of how many remain single by choice.

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Samhita Mukhopadhyay is a writer, speaker and technologist residing in Brooklyn, NY.

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