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It's still generally true that men have to make first contact (though that is thankfully changing).Whether they are even aware of it or not, many guys subconsciously feel as though the world is watching them as they TRY to assuage their desires and loneliness, by reaching out to women. Look at this respond to every bit of junk mail you get in your letterbox?You'll be eaten by the wolves with this naive nature. I know the defacto advice is to simply not reply to anyone who you are not interested in but I do think that is kind of rude.I generally respond to all emails and have really never had an issue.

Think of it like models in the advertising business..

Some even may fantasize that they "deserve" a woman just like that..

And a few may even send letters to their agents trying to contact them..

I'm crious to see what happens Then the easiest course would be to block anyone you have no interest in.

If anyone you have interest in becomes rowdy just block them. If you're surprised and shocked by human nature I agree that perhaps you shouldn't be online.

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