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Here, those who provide material that is considered to be of ‘high quality’ (typically novel material), show higher levels of technical expertise and share best practise, can achieve the highest ranks and be recognised amongst their peers.Furthermore, some offenders affiliate themselves with each other in order to share physical access to children, therefore facilitating the production of new material, as well as its customisation.The offender would meet children on social media platforms and convice them to send him indecent images of themselves.Once the children complied with the request, the offender would coerce them to undertake more serious abuse with the threat of disseminating the pictures to the childrens’ friends and family if his demands were not met.The offender used TOR and proxies to disguise his identity, but made a number of mistakes that led to his identification and arrest in the Netherlands.The operation was led by the United Kingdom with the participation of EC3, US ICE, the Netherlands and Canada.Child sex offenders commit criminal offences with an element of sexual activity or sexual contact with a minor, thereby violating established legal and moral codes with respect to sexual behaviour.Most child sex offenders are not part of any criminal network and usually operate alone, driven solely by their sexual interest in children.

With such a large pool of children to choose from, offenders can scan their profiles in search of vulnerabilities, while engaging in virtual interactions to see which ones are more prone to falling for their lures.Data from the International Association of Internet Hotlines (INHOPE) also shows an increase in infant victims of sexual abuse [45] and in abuse of an extreme and sadistic nature.A major growing trend in CSE is sexual extortion, also known as sextortion, which, for the purpose of this document will be defined as coercion to extort sexual favours or images from a victim, usually by threatening to disseminate existing images of the victim if demands are not met.Within these hidden services there is a proliferation of social networking platforms and storage providers dedicated to child abuse material (CAM) where offenders can post and view CAM securely.Platforms like TOR and the hidden services therein facilitate practically untraceable sexual exploitation of children by allowing the exchange of images anonymously through websites, private messages and email.

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