Single parent dating nebraska causes of teenage dating violence

Because having a telephone is crucial there are federal and state discounts available to eligible Nebraska residents.

Lifeline is a federal program that provides a .25 discount on monthly telephone bills for qualified customers.

Telephone Discount for single moms Having a telephone is a necessity, not a luxury.

There may be people waiting in line for the next generation of the really smartphone however, some people cannot afford even a basic phone.

Food Assistance for single mothers Even in Nebraska there are people who do not have enough to eat.

However, there is help through federal, state, and local non-government organizations. If you or your family need food, there is no reason to feel awkward or hesitant to apply.

The weatherization begins with an energy audit to discover where the heat (or cool air in the summer) is leaking, wasting energy and creating utility bills too burdensome to pay.

Also, all furnaces, cooking stoves and water heaters receive a safety inspection.

Recipients should look for community resources such as shared gardens and food pantries.Weatherized homes also provide an increase in comfort with draft and air infiltration reduction. To apply: Blue Valley Community Action Partnership Central Nebraska Community Services Northeast Nebraska Community Action Partnership Communiy Action Partnership of Lancaster and Sauders Counties Community Action Partnership of Mid-Nebraska Northwest Community Action Partnership Southeast Nebraska Community Action Partnership Eviction and Foreclosure Assistance for single moms If you have received an eviction notice or you are facing foreclosure you need professional assistance.There are agencies and organizations that assist low-income, qualified Nebraska single mothers with home counseling. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Housing Counseling. Free Medical, Dental, and Mental Health Care Clinic with a Heart Lincoln The Clinic With A Heart has a regular monthly schedule of appointments for uninsured or underinsured residents.It is imperative to find the help you can depend on during such a stressful time. The clinic provides free medical, dental, vision, hearing, physical therapy, chiropractic, mental health and spiritual care.If you want the facts before going any further learn more. Visit the clinic website for more information or call 402-421-2924.

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