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When they dig up a nut they do not mind leaving a mess. Hazelnuts in shells are particularly favoured, followed by raw peanuts in shells.You come back from your break and find your lawn looking like a ploughed field. They also like shelled brazil nuts, sweet chestnuts and acorns.(They even chew electric cables given half a chance.) Bliddy American grey squirrels aren't responsible for our native oak forests but they are responsible for decimating our native red squirrel population not least by a virus that is lethal to our red's.

Several squirrels visit the garden where I'm currently staying - they don't get fed with nuts here - they bring nuts from the woodland into the garden to bury them.

Anyone over the age of 6 has experienced it: Laying eyes on someone that JUST HAS TO BE their soul-mate.

You look at them and feel that immediate pang of attraction. Surely, you two are meant to be, and he/she has a facebook that you can immediately begin to stalk, right?!?!? Well here’s how to tell if that 30 second encounter has legitimacy to it.. You’ll find out that the more you consciously pay attention to people’s body language, the more it will become second nature to you.

He is so late that sometimes birds will eat them - including the shells, but they leave the empty shells. What method will give you the best chance of finding the tastiest peanut?

(The answer is in thread "How To Marry The Right Girl".) Sadly Cyril seems to have no friends or family.

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