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Facebook has worked hard to prevent bullying on its core social network, and Miller says the company is trying to get ahead of any potential issues with Rooms.The app includes moderation tools, like the ability for room creators to review posts before they’re published, or set an 18-and-over age limit.People can join the room by taking a photo or a screen shot of the code, which will be recognized by the app.Rooms is the latest standalone app to emerge from Facebook Creative Labs, the initiative within the company to build more standalone apps under the broader Facebook umbrella.

(Whisper has since denied the allegations.) Miller says Rooms does not track user locations.In order to set itself apart, Facebook’s version, called Rooms, is designed around old school chat rooms.The standalone app doesn’t require a Facebook account or the use of any identifiable information to participate, and making use of chat rooms was a direct nod to the early days of the Internet when the virtual spaces thrived, an experience that Facebook Product Manager Josh Miller says hasn’t yet translated to mobile.On Rooms, users can create a room with any theme, from parkour to beatboxing.The chats are invite-only, and users can join a new room by using a circular QR code that existing Room members can pass along by posting it online anywhere or even as a printed photo offline.

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