Updating updatepanel from javascript

The first solution demands the controls themselves demand the logic, so the binding kind of works in reverse (e.g. This however generates more HTML and generally requires more Javascript functions to be created.

The page Load() method is so simple however and requires hardly any Java Script knowledge.

Then, when the server is done, the Javascript handler is called to display an alert.

Whether it's a full or partial Postback, the Life Cycle events will be the same, which I already discussed in my previous article.

Through the second parameter, we pass the name of the code-behind function to be called and also add the parameter to be passed to this code-behind function.

It turns out that the Update Panel control fires a Javascript event called is called by you specifically, or not).

The left part will contain the Pie chart that will load up once, when the page is loaded first.You can then use this to fire your rebinding logic which stops the JQuery breaking.The most basic example (based on the original code sample in this page) works like this: The best approach depends on your individual requirements.Every time the form was updated, I wanted to refresh the map to reflect the data changes.The trick is to add an “end request” handler to the request manager using: where End Request Handler will be your handler function. Here’s a simple example of a form with 2 Text Box controls where you enter text into one textbox and the server returns the length of the text in the second textbox.

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