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The researcher can also diagnose for an individual site which ties are weakest. Cross-functional ties that have a significant impact on performance, and that are problematic for a particular site, should become a high priority for managerial attention. ”, “Do people in these groups communicate with you in a timely way about [focal work process]?”, “Do people in these groups communicate with you accurately about [focal work process]?Perhaps most compelling reason for a network measure of relational coordination is the ability to disaggregate the network into its component ties for the purpose of diagnosis and intervention. By measuring each cross-functional tie separately, the researcher reserves the possibility of doing a sensitivity analysis to learn which of the ties has the greatest impact on performance. ---------------------------------------------------------------- To gain insight into the measurement and analysis of relational coordination, read Relational Coordination: Guidelines for Theory, Measurement and Analysis and the RCNet Data Program, available to RCRC partners.To use the RC Survey for your organization, visit our measurement and analytics partner Relational Coordination Analytics.

Would’t it be much simpler to ask respondents for a global assessment each of these seven relational coordination dimensions, rather than creating a measure of relational coordination based on a matrix of specific cross-functional ties? Indeed, a recent study in which researchers had access to only a few representatives of each organization, not nearly enough to enable a network measure of relational coordination, instead asked the relational coordination questions more generally about patterns of interaction in the organization as a whole.

In addition, relational coordination questions are asked to elicit respondents’ perceptions of typical patterns rather than specific incidents.

Finally, in order to reduce the problem of retrospective response error, the questions do not ask for retrospective reports; rather they ask respondents to describe current working conditions.

Relational coordination is unusual in the sense that it is a fully validated measure of teamwork that can be applied to unbounded teams - teams that span multiple boundaries.

Measures that meet these criteria are relatively rare.

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”, “When there is a problem with [focal work process], do people in these groups blame others or work with you to solve the problem?

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