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Number of Declarations of Intention made during fiscal year 58-59 Medical Certificates Recorded During Fiscal Year 5 Marriage Licenses issued 5g Number and Character of Incorporations 55 Number of Notarial and Auctioneers' Bonds filed during fiscal year 56 Proceedings in Insolvency Number and disposition of Cases 57 Number of Partnerships, Coroner's Inquests, etc. 56 Examination of Insane, Number of Persons sent to Asylum, Nativity 56-57 Probate Proceedings, Superior Court, Department No. v 735 Receipts and Expenses of Office 735 APPENDIX TO MUNICIPAL REPORTS. 2182, Determining Water Rates for Fiscal Year 1889-90, Passed, Notwithstanding Mayor's Objection 150-154 Order No. 559 Comparative Statement of the Expenses of the Public Schools and the Total Expenses of the City from 1852 560 * CONTENTS. PAGES Estimate of Amount Required and Appropriation Made for the School Department fur Fiscal Year 1890-91 561 Names of Graduates Boys' and Girls' High Schools, Normal Class and Commercial School , 562-565 "Bridge Medal " Awards- Names of Pupils 566-567 " Denman Medal " Awards Names of Pupils 568-569 Medal Awards Names of Pupils of Grammar Schools 570 CORONER'S REPORT (J. 54 ^Number of Judgments Entered in the Superior Courts, 1889-90 57 Naturalization of Foreigners. 732 Robinson Bequest Fund 712-734 Montgomery Avenue Bonds, City and County 734 Hecapitulation of Balances at Credit of the Different Funds July 1, 1890 734 Funded Debt, Bonds Redeemed. 21 Fixing Water Rates for Fiscal Years 18 139-142 Report of R. Dunn, Accompanying Mayor's Message, on Valuation of Spring Valley Water Works 142-147 Report of Chairman of Committee on Water and Water Supplies on Veto Message of the Mayor, and Recommending Final Passage of Orders, Notwithstanding Objections 148-150 Order No. Co 122 36 Grading and macadamizing Fulton street, from Stanyan to Willard (in front of Golden Gate Park) Kenny & Mc Hugh 420 00 Paving with basalt blocks Clary street, between Fourth and Fifth (in front of school lots) H. In some places I was forced through the exigencies of the case to repave with cobbles, although I am of the opinion that the inconvience to public travel is only lessened, but not abated thereby. The extent of territory which the various improvement clubs of this city are opening up for improvement, and in which sewers are now projected, and in many cases are being constructed, in my opinion makes it immediately incumbent on your Honorable Board to devise and adopt a definite plan and system of sewerage for the entire city. No definite plan, as a whole, has yet 1 REPORT OF SUPERINTENDENT OF STREETS. The only attempt at a system has been in the case of that portion of the city lying east of Mission street, between Channel and Twenty-fifth streets, and the territory known as the Point Lobos district, which the City Engineer is now engaged on. That's why we ask you to enter BULKRATE as a coupon code to manually activate the rates. If you are looking for wholesale prices please feel free to contact us.Please note that Deal Extreme Forums are not a sales or product support board. 740-742 " Fourth of July Appropriation 742: " Gas Ir specters' Expenses, Grand Jury Expenses. 74-83 " " Purport of Miscellaneous Orders of the Board of Supervisors Affecting or Requiring Action by Department 84-90 COMMON SCHOOL REPORT 523-570 Report of Superintendent (J. Anderson) 523-570 Introductory Remarks 523-535 Report of Secretary (George Beanston) 535-570 School Statistics 535-539 Number of Teachers in Department 538-539 Summary of Annual Reports of Principals, June^30, 1890 540-543 Statement of Number of Pupils Enrolled, and the Average Daily Attendance at School, etc 540-543 School Census Report 544-545 Number of Pupils Enrolled in the Public Schools by Grades 546-547 Comparative Statement ot Number of Pupils Enrolled, and the Average Daily At- tendance at School from 1852. v 543 Recapitulation Number of Teachers in Department May, 1890 549 Miscellaneous Statistics from Principal's Reports .' . Dunne, Esq., " " " " 1887--9 656 DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S REPORT (J. Page) 223-226 Number and Disposition of Indictments, Informations and Appeals from Police Courts in the Year ending June 30, 1890 224-225 Recapitulation Cases Awaiting Trial June 30, 1890, etc '. 246 Statistics Duty Performed by Each Company During the Year 244 Statement Character of Apparatus, Class, Number of Horses and Men Employed. 244 Statistics- Location of Steam Fire Engines, Hose and Hook and Ladder Trucks 247 Names of Officers of Department and Employees Corporation Yard 248 List of Employees Steam Fire Engines (17) 249-257 " Chemical Engine 257 " Hose Carts (9) 258-261 " Fire Boat " Gov. 432 GAS INSPECTOR AND EX-OFFIC10 WATER INSPECTOR- Report of (John Q. , Committed during the Fiscal fear 672 Character and Amount of Work Performed by Prisoners, etc 672 Number of and Offenses for which Prisoners were Punished 673 Terms of Sentence and Offenses of Prisoners on hand July 1, 1890 674 Expenditures of Fiscal Year - Statement of Monthly Expenses, 1889-1890 675 Comparative Statement for ten years of Ration and Subsistence Account 680 Statement of Expense Account, Average Number of Prisoners and Cost of Main- tenance per day, etc 678 Statement of Monthly Ration Account for Fiscal Year, etc 679 Diet Table 681 Inventory of Movable Property, Furniture, Tools, Live Stock, etc 632-688 General Remarks and Recommendations -Improvements; Condition and Treatment of Prisoners Suffering from the use of Opium, Cocaine and Morphine; Health and Sanitary Condition; Discipline of Prisoners, etc 689-692 INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL REPORT (W. Harrison, Superintendent) 121-137 Introductory Remarks Condition of Building and Grounds, etc 121-124 Inmates Admitted and Discharged 128 Ages and Nationalities of Inmates, Causes and Terms of Commitments, etc 129-131 Character of Employment of Girls at Magdalen Asylum 131 Work Performed by Boys in Shoe and Tailor Shops, Laundry and Sewing Room 131-132 Farm, Estimated Crops, Stock and Implements 132 Diet Table 133 Tabular Statement Classification ot Expenditures 125-127 Recapitulation of Expenditures 134 Cost of Maintenance of Inmates per capita 134 Miscellaneous Account 134 School Department Condition, Studies and Progress made by Pupils, etc 135-137 xiv CONTENTS. PAGES TREASURER'S REPORT (Christian Reis) 705-735 Receipts and Disbursements 705-718 Balance at Credit of the Different Funds July 1, 1890 718-719 Loans from Sinking Funds Outstanding July 1, 1890 719 Account with Public Administrators 720-722 Special Rsdemption Fund, State and County Taxes . 56 70 Carried forward 6,588 15- 10 REPORT OF SUPERINTENDENT OF STREETS. Covering with asphaltum Taylor street, between Broadway and Ber- nard streets G. Co 112 00 Replanking Spear Street Wharf and piling and capping same W. Strother) 736-81& Demands Audited General Fund 736 " Advertising Expenses...; 736 " Almshouse Expenses 737 " Assessment and Military Roll, Auctioneers' Ser- vices _ 738 " " Burial of Indigent Dead, City Cemetery Improve- ment 738 " Coroner's Expenses 738 " " Election Commission Expenses of 1886 749 ' ' Examining Insane Persons 738 " Finance Committee, Experts' Services, etc 739- " "Fire Alarm and Police Telegraph Salaries, Exten- sion and Repairs 739-740 " Fire Department, Material, Relief Fund, Rents, Running Expenses and Salaries.. Harrison Smith) Introductory Remarks Extension and Renewal of City Surveys New Maps, etc., Recommended Street Improvements 67-69 System of Sewerage Method Suggested to Obtain a Perfect 69-70 New Sewerage Districts Laid Out South San Francisco and Point Lobos avenue. 70-71 Opening of Streets Proposed and Provided for 71-72 Potrero Avenue, from Serpentine Avenue to Army Street, Recommended to be Opened to Provide Outlet for Drainage 71-72 Tabular Statement of Work Performed during Fiscal Year 72 " " Amount of Street Work Performed on which Certificates were issued during fiscal year 73 " " Street Grades Changed arid Established During Fiscal Year.. Bell, Esq., " " 1874 to 1878, In- clusive 657 Peter F. 42C-432 Introductory Remarks Appropriation Insufficient for Requirements of the De- partment Electric Lighting Recommended in Lieu of Gas, etc .420-421 Board of Trustees, Officers and Employees Names of 422 List of Donors, and Number of Volumes Contributed by each 424-427 Receipts and Expenditures for Year Ending June 30, 1890 423 Report of the Librarian (J. Cheney Introductory Remarks, etc 428-432 Statistics Circulation of Books in Library and Branch Libraries 429-431 Statistics Number of Volumes Added by Gift, Purchase, and Average Number of Visitors each month , 429-432 Number and Character of Books in Library and Branch Offices on June 30, 1890, etc. 119-120 HOUSE OF CORRECTION REPORT (John Foley, Superintendent) 6 50-692 Introductory Explanatory of Statistical Tables 660 Prisoners Committed, Discharged, etc 661 Monthly Number and Description of Inmates 662 Offenses for which Prisoners were Committed 663 Courts in which Prisoners were Committed, and Terms of Sentence 664-665 Age, Nationality, Occupation and Religious Belief of Prisoners Committed 660-671 Number of Prisoners Who have been Committed More than Once 671 Number of Prisoners who can Read and Write, etc. .645-650 Letters of Administration Issued, no Cash Received, etc 651 REGISTRAR OF VOTERS' REPORT (Thos. Penalties and, Fees collected during fiscal year 1880-90 655 xvi CONTENTS. De Greayer 142 00 Regrading and macadamizing Dehone street, between Sixteenth and Seventeenth (in front of school lot) C. Vincent 240 00 ,502 71 STREET WORK DONE BY AGREEMENT WITH SUPERIN- TENDENT OF STREETS. 676 87 Piles furnished for same State Board of Harbor Commissioners 202 15 Repairing Sixth Street Bridge Emmett & Lyman 431 10 Laying bituminous rock (repairing) roadway Golden Gate avenue, between Hyde and Leavenworth S.

Prioe, President of the El Dorado Water Company 173-174 Communication from Frank Mc Glynn, Representing that there is an Inexhaustible Supply of Fresh Water Underneath the City, etc 174-175 Representatives of the Lake Tahoe and San Francisco Water Company Heard by Committee as to Water Supply from Lake Tahoe and their Rights Thereto 175 Estimate of A. Von Schmidt of Cost of Supplying Daily Thirty Million Gallons of Pure Fresh Water from Lake Tahoe 176-178 Communication from Pacific Coast Laborers' Union Recommending the Owning and Operating by the City of a System of Water Works 179 ' Submission of Question to the City and County Attorney Whether 18 Millions of Bonds Could Be Issued if Proposition of Lake Tahoe Was Accepted 179 Opinion of City and County Attorney that the Amount of Bonds Named Could Not Be Issued Under the Statute ... 185 Order Submitted by Committee Requiring Alterations to Street Cars and Dummies to Prevent Accident and Loss of Life 186 Examination of Devices by Committee on Health and Police, Submitted by In- ventors 187 Report of Committee on Health and Police Submitting an Amended Order and Re- commending Its Passage 187 Objections of the Superintendents of the Sutter Street and California Street Cable Railroad Companies Against the Passage of the Order 187 Order No.

Demands Audited General Fund, Health Expenses for Sanitary Purposes 744 " " " " Hospital Expenses 745 " House of Correction Expenses 746 " " " " Industrial School Expenses... Hammond, Jr., Joseph Austin) 571-572 Names of Park Commissioners and Officers from Organization of Board, in 1870. 591-596 Number and Names of Herbaceous and Flowering Plants Planted and Seeded During Fiscal Year 596-599 Park Nursery, Number and Valuation of Trees and Shrubs 600-12 Trees and Shrubs in Nursery, Botanic and Common Names, Number and Value, etc. Charges Against, Number and Disposition of Prisoners Confined in County Jail 168-170 Statistics Number of Charges Against Prisoners Awaiting Trial July 1, 1890 171 SUPERINTENDENT OF PUBLIC STREETS' REPORT (Thos.

(Alexander Russell) 172-173 Receipts and Expenditures 172-173 Instruments recorded or filed during fiscal year 173 CONTENTS. Progress and Condition of City Litigation under charge of W. Levy, Esq., Collection of Delinquent Taxes for Fiscal Year 1882 657 Fisher Ames, Esq., " " " 1872-3 658 E. Brown, Gas and ex-Officio Water Inspector, as to the Charges for Water Supplied for Public Purposes 158 Compensation for Irrigation of Public Squares and Grounds, with Opinion of City and County Attorney Thereon 159-160 Tabular Statement of Geo. Reynolds, Accountant of the Spring Valley Water Works, of Value of Capital Invested in said Works up to January 1, 1890 160-167 WATER SUPPLIES 167-183 Proposition and Prospectus of the Lake Tahoe and San Francisco Waterworks 167-171 Communication of John Smith, Suggesting the Purchase of the Spring Valley Water Works or the Adoption of the Lake Tahoe Proposition 172 Proposition of the El Dorado Water and Deep Gravel Mining Company 172-173 Communication from Thos. PAGES Communication from Citizens of Washoe County and from the Nevada State Board of Trade, Protesting- Against Any Action Looking to a Water Supply from Lake Tahoe 181-182 Proceedings of Committee on Water and Water Supplies, and Communication from A. Von Schmidt Reiterating His First Proposition of Furnishing 30 Million Gallons of Water per Day from Lake Tahoe for not Less than 15 Million Dollars 183 OPERATION OF STREET RAILROADS 184-191 Committee on Health and Police Recommend that Appliances Be Used on Cars and Dummies to Prevent Accidents 184 Action of Board Requiring Cable Companies Within Sixty Days from April 8, 1339, to Adopt a Buffer Projecting from Dummy, and Guards on Sides of Dummies and Cars 18 * Report of Committee on Health and Police Recommending and Submitting an Order Requiring Buffers and Guards to Be Attached to Dummies and Cars 186 Objections Urged by F. Low, Esq., Director of the Sutter Street Railroad Com- pany, Against Provisions of Proposed Order.

Wetzler Under his Contract to Remove Dead Animals 214 I Poundkeeper Directed to Deliver to the Potrero Company, Assignees of Wetzler, the Carcasses of all Animals Destroyed at the Pound 214-215 Action of the Board in Opposing any Action by the Legislature to Validate the Wetzler Contract, Owing to a Non-Performance with its Conditions on the Part of the Contractor and his Assignees 215 Opinion of the City and County Attorney on Validity of Wetzler Contract 215 Copy of Act of Legislature of 1873-4 Validating the Wetzler Contract and Ordi- nances Relative Thereto 215-216 Bond Given by Alpers and Mowry as Assignees of the Wetzler Contract 216 Action on Application of Chas. Malley 25 57 Grading, macadamizing, etc., Treat avenue, between Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth (in front Garfield Square) P. Norton 1,626 30 Grading, macadamizing, etc., Jackson street, between Steiner and Pierce (in front of Alta Plaza)-T. Co 55 00 Remacadamizing crossing Post and Scott streets (assessed to Ham- ilton Square) Kenny & Mc Hugh 68 70 Regrading and remacadamizing Stanyan street, between Frederick and Waller streets (in front of Golden Gate Park) J. & Brought forward 8246,588 15 Grading 1 , etc., in front of Alta Plaza, Jackson street, between Steiner and Pierce T. 257 77 Laying bituminous rock sidewalk on Market street, between Tenth and Eleventh (in front of engine lot) S.

Alpers, in 1881, on Behalf of Assignees of the Wetzler Contract for an Extension of said Contract for a Period of 20 years from May 29, 1886 216-220 Opinion of City and County Attorney that the Board of Supervisors had no Power to Extend said Contract as Applied for, or for a Longer Period than two years. Mc Clusky 721 87 Paving with basalt blocks Bush street, between Hyde and Larkln (in front of school lot) D. Regrading, remacadamizing, etc., crossing Vallejo and Laguna streets (assessed to engine lot) J. Owens 12 86 Paving with basalt blocks Mission street, between Twenty-fifth and Twenty-sixth (in front of school lot) J. Mc Donald 708 00 Paving with basalt blocks Harrison street, between Tenth and Eleventh streets (in front of school lot) J. Mc Donald 1,143 45 Paving with bituminous rock Post street, between Stockton and Powell (in front of Union Sqnare) Pacific Paving Co 1,141 19 Laying macadam sidewalk Sanchez street^ between Fourteenth and Ridley (in front of engine lot) Horn & Mc Leod 15 00 Remacadamizing Ash avenue, between Polk and Van Ness avenue (in front of engine lot) Horn & Mc Leod '.. Kelso & Co 450 14 Laying concrete sidewalk on Bush street, between Taylor and Jones (in front of school lot) F. Schalike & Co 277 50 Grading, macadamizing, etc., Laguna street, between Clay and Sac- ramento streets (in front of Lafayette Square) H.

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