Wireless setting updating go pro hero 3

Continue reading of you want to download from the website.

You will use this process if you are updating to a newer camera software version or if you are re-updating to the existing version already on your camera.

It only managed to record two sequences before the problems started.

First off was trying to connect the Wifi to my i Pad (now a fault I have realised reading threads on here) and then the freezing started.

I got the camera update complete (took about 10mins maybe longer) and when it starts on the Wifi update it fails.You can update your camera from the website or you can use the Go Pro App to update wirelessly.If you want to use the Go Pro App, check out this page.I don't think that the battery kept running down quite quickly helped either.And before you ask at this time I hadn't even switched the Wifi on.

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I bought mine like a lot of people around Christmas time and have been trying it out a little bit at home but not fully.

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