Women spend 3000 dollars on dating

The nightclubs in Bangkok also offer free entry on certain dates, so it is wise to know what days they are.

I think on average each month I spent about 3,000-5,000 baht on going out to bars and clubs when I was living in Thailand Total so far: This is one area of spending that could break anyone’s budget, the price of getting a Thai bar girl in Bangkok can vary from 500 baht to several thousand baht.

Tennis courts were fairly cheap at 30 baht per hour each, I also paid 20 baht per session at my gym.

My gym was pretty rough though, no aircon, machines that were not safe, damaged weights and benches. A pretty boy gym with all the newest weights and machines is going to set you back 1,500-2,000 baht per month.

I would also opt for buying bottles in clubs as they are much better value then buying individual drinks.My overall monthly food budget was around 0 per month while living in Thailand.Total so far Almost daily I would either be playing football, tennis or hitting one of the many Bangkok gyms to get swole.I have previous documented the cost of things in Bangkok and my monthly budget in Bangkok.This blog post gives a breakdown of my costs in Thailand to a even greater extent and showing you all how I managed to live in Thailand for under 00 a month.

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