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Police would be called and radio stations would broadcast Amber Alerts.

Eric is pretty sure those things won’t happen here.

Not all of what they learn comes from SAF instructors, and not all of it is about farmworking. She grew up in Columbia, South Carolina, where Eric will be based. Got it.” At twenty-one, Eric is among the oldest here.

Zach introduces Eric to a farmworker with a smiling but weather-beaten face a man of sixty might sport. On Zach’s last visit the man implored him to sign up his teenage daughter for English classes.

She is very interested, he insisted, but wasn’t at the camp that day. Again the girl isn’t here and it’s not clear where she is or even if her dad knows. Where Eric grew up, a missing child would set off alarms throughout the community.

Eric and his two sisters went to public school in Rockville, one of the county’s more middle-class areas.

Their upbringing on a tree-canopied street was typical of the area: nice brick house, weekend movies at the Regal cinema and summer vacations to places like the Florida Keys.

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Fiddling with the controls, Eric thinks how easy this job will be with a map like this. “I remember the first house we stopped at,” recalls Eric. Very run down, and a sewer line just coming right out the side of the house. It’s the kind of camp Zach calls “under the radar.” Unlike camps for workers on temporary H2A visas, which are supposed to meet minimal housing standards (though enforcement is often lacking), these out-of-sight hovels are for undocumented workers who know better than to complain about accommodations.

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